Progression in judo is based on a system of coloured belts (obi) which have been introduced into modern judo.

In traditional judo there was only one belt colour, white, which became blacker and blacker over time as the tradition is not to wash a judo belt.

The IJA website has a document detailing the grading and pathways for judo players (judoka) in Ireland

IJA Junior Grading System

The grading for junior players is summarised in the following table where ages are minimum ages for indicative purposes

Fundamental Skills (Graded)

A non-exhaustive list of fundamental skills that can be tested for all children’s gradings under 14 years are shown in the table below (click on links in each box for associated videos)

Technique/Video Technique/Video Technique/Video
Balance on one leg Bunny Hops Closed Guard
Hop on One Leg Bear Crawl Press Up, Squat, Plank
Monkey Crawl Roll and Sit through Double Lapel Roll
Monkey Roll Ebi (Shrimping) Log Roll
Walk a line toe to heel Gyaku Ebi (reverse) Log Roll Arms/feet
Tsugi Ashi Movement Forward Roll Backward roll
Right and Left Stance Forward Roll to Straddle Turtle Guard
Right and Left Gripping Cartwheel Beanbag Walk
Tsukiage (Bridge / bump roll) Tai Sabaki Movement Belly down (flat guard)

These videos cover multiple techniques: video1, video2, video3, video4